Preventative Maintenance With Terry's Heating & Air

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HVAC Repair & Maintenance

We recommend you join our preventative maintenance program to ensure that you are scheduling regular maintenance on your system and to take advantage of preventative maintenance agreement customer discounts. Preventative maintenance is simply one measure you can take to make sure your system is running properly. Does your cooling system have the proper refrigerant charge?  Is your system communicating properly to the thermostat controls? Is your condenser fan operating properly?  Is the heat exchange working? Are the wires all connected properly?  These questions can't be answered without a professional technician inspecting your system to ensure problems are not arising. A little prevention can go a long way to saving you money later.

Our unique precision tune-up includes everything that can possibly be done in order to restore your heating and air conditioning system to its very best condition. No other local heating and air conditioning company performs a comparable precision tune-up.

HVAC technician holding tools used for HVAC repair in Twin Falls, ID.
Air conditioning repair in Twin Falls, Id

Air Conditioning Repair

At Terry's Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in expert air conditioning repair services that keep your home or business comfortable all year round. Our highly trained and certified technicians understand the complexities of various AC models, ensuring swift diagnostics and precise repairs. We prioritize customer comfort, guaranteeing efficient service that minimizes downtime. From minor fixes to comprehensive overhauls, Terry's Heating and Air is your dependable solution to air conditioning woes. We're committed to using high-quality parts and offering affordable solutions. Stay cool and comfortable this summer; trust Terry's Heating and Air for all your air conditioning repair needs.

Heating Repair

At Terry's Heating & Air Conditioning, we know how critical it is to have a reliable heating system, particularly during the coldest months. We offer top-tier heating repair services, designed to keep your indoor environment warm and cozy. Our highly skilled technicians are proficient with a variety of heating units, enabling quick diagnosis and precise repairs. We ensure prompt service with minimal interruption to your day. Whether it's routine maintenance, unexpected breakdowns, or major repairs, Terry's Heating and Air is your trusted partner. We only use quality components and offer budget-friendly options. Don't let the winter chill take hold of your home; choose Terry's Heating and Air for all your heating repair needs.
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Keep Your System Running Great!

Many residents do not realize their home comfort system operates for approximately 3300 hours per year. To put this “Run Time" in perspective, a car driven for the same 3300 hours at 65 miles per hour would travel 214,500 miles.  No one would consider such a journey without arranging for oil changes, lubrication, and routine tune-ups along the way to assure the efficiency, safety, and reliability of the vehicle.  Your home heating and air conditioning system serves you many more hours than your car.  Like your car, it needs routine tune-ups to operate in an efficient, safe, and reliable manner.